Not a Minute Goes By

by Missive

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released October 19, 2012

All songs written by Missive.
Artwork by John Hill

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Missive Sacramento, California

Missive is five friends from Sacramento, California that play passionate music.

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Track Name: Brother
His ghost stands next to me
I can see him but I can’t speak
As he steps forward and I step back
He asks, “What do you miss the most?”
I miss my little brother
He hasn’t been around for years
I miss my little brother
The thought brings me to tears

My father, he’s calling out

Come home

Son I thought I raised you right
You’re supposed to be the good one
You’re supposed to be the good son
Your back has been turned for too long
We’ve been singing the same old song

I’m so good at running away and I’m so bad at staying in place.
Track Name: Bring to Pass
When I think back to those days I see a child without a care in the world
A child lost in his own imagination
A life of joy and happiness

These are beautiful times
These are the best of times
I wish I could tell him
Make him appreciate these days
Make him appreciate this man
Now I know what family means

Now it’s too late
I can’t turn back the clock
To relive the happiness
To relive the best of times
I’m left dwelling about what we could have shared
And I’m sick of the heartbreak

It’s not your fault
Too young to know what you had
If only you knew how important these moments would be to you
He won’t be with you forever and you took it for granted
All that’s left are the stories I’ve been told

I won’t make this mistake twice
I know what family means.
Track Name: Figure Eight
Our trails are always winding, but they never seem to meet
So, I’ll build this road and see you there
This heart is made of gold, but it’s stronger than stone
You can try to rip it out, but it will keep on beating

I’ve seen your rose grow up from the gutters.
Stepped on, beaten and torn
The false ideals of love that are stuck in your head
Open up your eyes

You can try to drown me out, but I’ll keep on screaming.
Track Name: Acceptance
Every time I close my eyes I’m thinking of the memories we’ve shared
I’m hoping to one day see you again
Your candles light up the damp sidewalk
I would give anything to see you again
I'm feeling so surreal
I must accept it
As these old cuts and gashes begin to heal
This scar across my heart will never fade

Your body may be six feet deep
But your laugh, your smile, still lives on through me helping my heart beat
I won’t pretend that this doesn’t hurt me

I’ll give this everything
It’s just a means to cope
As the rain mixes with my tears
I won’t repress. I won’t forget your name
I won’t regress. I won’t forget your name

As my thoughts begin to settle, I don’t need sympathy.
I understand that he is with me
As the hair on the back of my neck stands up
I understand that he is with me

As days pass by you’re still right by my side
Some things come and go, but I’ll always keep you in my heart.
Track Name: The Last Man on Earth
There is a reason why
I stopped keeping a diary
I guess corroborating an empty life isn't all it's cracked up to be

Broken and in pain
No matter the angle it all looks the same

I can't speak
I can't stop thinking about you

I can't seem to find a way to get you out of my head
I can't seem to leave you behind
Like everything else that we left unsaid

You'll be the hardest thing to leave behind
And this is my goodbye

We were both silent during our last embrace
I remember the way your tears felt against my chest