Missive​/​Statuette Split

by Missive

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released July 31, 2013

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Nick Waterstraat
Assistant Engineer - Paul Malatesta

Artwork by John Hill



To get in touch with us for booking or anything else contact missivehc@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Missive Sacramento, California

Missive is five friends from Sacramento, California that play passionate music.

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Track Name: Leaves
I count down the days. It all begins to fade. I wish it could just stay as it all started to fade. Dreams like falling leaves that would all come crashing down on me. The walls close in around me. I can’t begin to care for anything. The leaves will drift down as my personality disappears. I live in the past. No longer can I hold on.
Track Name: Frost
With the change of the seasons comes the change inside of me. Warmth escapes this dark body. Under the thumb of the weather, the flowers die and wilt. Under the thumb of the weather as the earth’s axis tilts. The echo of spring still rings in my head. The frost on my window. I can’t see anything outside of myself. I have put everything into forgetting. Sweeping the leaves through the door. I have spent all of my time walking away only to find myself looking back. I was never able to face the fact that this would never stay. You don’t exist.
Track Name: Cold
I can’t help but watch as the leaves fall. Looking down I can’t see ground. Trees stand bare like statues in row, and I wear my regrets like a warm coat. I’ve never felt so cold.
Track Name: Statuette - Caught in The Grey
I remove my veins. I had this moment, caught between life and death. It was a beautiful thing, its right in front of me. It all reminds me of what I had, what i loved and how I failed. I know the sickness all too well. Tuck me in and leave me to die. The endless grey. I'm choking on every breath I take. My soul is too weak to swim. In these shallow waters. The endless grey. I'm choking on every breath I take. Nails buried deep. So beneath my skin. Leave the open wounds. For the cancer to break in. Bury my bones. Deep beneath the soil. Let me sleep peacefully in hell. Take my body away for my soul to escape. Will you lift my lungs, will you hold my hand. Its such a fucking shame that i feel so numb from all the blood I am losing biting my tongue. The flames keep building up as visions fade away. Led astray by the broken will. Keep following skipping cycles again. Skipping beats and losing touch. I keep grinding my teeth until the whispers fade away. Scatter my ashes across the earth let the soil swallow me whole. Piece by piece ingesting me. I've given in to my weaker half. One day when the view becomes blurry the clouds will take you in. When you're caught in the grey with me.
Track Name: Statuette - Heavy Lungs
Watered down, life is lacking in subsistence. Frail ribs are supporting these heavy lungs. I'm not afraid of dying ( I'm just scared )
I'm just scared of being alone. Fate breeds reassurance when you're breathing at the bottom. But from the top it seems nothing is good enough. Self reliant in depictions of grey. The medication affects me the same way. I know we felt you standing there. The faint noise of a beating heart. Was the cancer there in the room when it set you free from the dark. You can't follow me home. Under the same sick sun, the one that you're running from. I don't want to be another sad song. I am sick to death of the sickness in death. Falling, fading. I will return to the ashes of nothing.